The Mediterranean Wall. Among Sovereignty, Borders and Identities

Lucia Martines


The essay intends to highlight as the walls constitute the elements of that “imaginary geography”, according to a definition of Edward Said, that realizing an attempt of defence of the State sovereignty, admits at same times its fragility. Symbolically representing a function and an effectiveness that in reality they do not exercise, such walls appear as “theatrical and spectacularised performance of the power” (as Wendy Brown claimed), disappointing responses in the face of the challenges and of today's questions.

Analysing the convergence of the Mediterranean area to the global tendency to the building of barriers and to the deep fragmentation of the lands, ploughed by rigid and hostile boundaries, the analysis focused how the elevation of real walls is linked to the creation of an imaginary barrier, the “Mediterranean wall”, an intangible, immaterial, but impassable limit, a barrier against which an incalculable number of migrants have lost and continue to lose their lives.


Mediterranean area; borders; identity; sovereignty;

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1974-4935/7131


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